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TER has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing slip ring collectors, providing now three series of rotating collectors, used in particular in industrial and construction lifting plants for supplying motors of crane, cable winders and small jib cranes.
These machines operate in difficult thermal conditions (low or high operating temperatures) with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions (water, dust, UV rays and salt). They therefore need components protected against weather effects, resistant to extreme temperatures, with high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance, accuracy in control. All components must be precise, reliable and safe to ensure good handling control, guarantee maximum operating safety, prevent personal injury and damage to objects.

Slip ring collectors are sets of rings coupled with brushes (phosphor bronze or graphite brushes) designed to allow current to pass from a fixed to a rotating part.
These units are suitable only for transmitting currents with 50/60Hz supply frequency.
Each series of slip ring collectors has specific features allowing to choose the limit switch that best suit your specific needs.
The 10A slip ring collectors are used mainly on small jib cranes, they have only 4 rings and they are available with or without driving slot or with flange.
The 10A/30A slip ring collectors may have only 30A line rings or they may have both 30A line rings and 10A auxiliary rings, up to a maximum of 40 rings.
The 50A slip ring collectors have 50A line rings (maximum 16 rings) and they are supplied either with or without protection.
The protection has small downward holes to allow air circulation and the lower support plate is provided with three holes to drain the moisture which may form inside the unit.
All slip ring collectors are tested to operate at a maximum ambient temperature ranging from -25C to +70C.
Slip ring collectors have a shock-resistant thermoplastic protection to prevent accidental contacts with live parts.
They are fitted with phosphor bronze or graphite brushes.
All the materials and components used are weather resistant.

Slip ring collectors are CE marked and they are manufactured in compliance with the Directives and Standards in force.
Furthermore, slip ring collectors are EAC certified for the Eurasian markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) as proof of the importance given to the quality levels required in different countries.
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