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TER has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing position limit switches, providing now five series of position limit switches, used in particular in industrial and construction lifting plants, in the automation industry, in stage technology, in particular to control hoists, winches and machine tools.
These machines operate in difficult thermal conditions (low or high operating temperatures) with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions (water, dust, UV rays and salt). They therefore need components with a high degree of protection against weather effects, resistance to extreme temperatures, high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance, accuracy in control. All components must be precise, reliable and safe to ensure good handling control, guarantee maximum operating safety, prevent personal injury and damage to objects.

TER range of position limit switches includes aluminum or thermoplastic material limit switches, with single rod or rod with roller, cross rods, ?T" rods or with various types of heads and actuators allowing for diversified switch activation modes.

Each series of position limit switches has specific features allowing to choose the limit switch that best suit your specific needs.
7551 and 7552 position limit switches are designed for the control of complex operating machinery. The choice of materials, technical solutions and ample size make these limit switches ideal for use in strongly aggressive environments where they are exposed to the most severe operating conditions, guaranteeing impeccable function at all times and for their entire life. 7551 and 7552 limit switches are equipped with 4 switches, rods with 4 maintained positions and 3 outputs for cable clamps to reduce installation time and facilitate wiring operations.
Tango is the latest generation of position limit switches: the peculiar design and the use of high performing polymers ensure high resistance and endurance under the heaviest utilization conditions. Its design and overall dimensions facilitate installation and maintenance operations.
Tango is available with 2, 3 or 4 switches and it is equipped with cross rods that can move to 4 maintained positions.
position limit switches X-FSC features cross or ?T" rods which may move to 3 or 4 maintained positions, while the X-FRZ series features a single rod or a rod with roller with spring return movements.
Standard position limit switches have 15 different heads/actuators (with various levers, rods, plungers), while the DIN range of position limit switches features 16 different heads/actuators.
Depending on the position limit switch, each unit is equipped with normally open or normally closed snap or slow action switches. All switches are of the positive opening type, thus suitable for safety functions.
Depending on the series, the position limit switches are tested to operate at a maximum ambient temperature ranging from -40C to +70C.
position limit switches 7551 and 7552 are made of die-cast aluminum alloy and they resist to any violent impact, chemical aggression and rust; the bushings in sinterized material eliminate the need for any operations of routine maintenance of the head, also made of impact-resistant zama.
DIN position limit switches have die-cast aluminum enclosures and thermoplastic material heads (nylon reinforced with fiberglass), while Tango, Standard, X-FSC and X-FRZ position limit switches have both enclosure and head made of thermoplastic material (nylon reinforced with fiberglass)
All the materials and components used are weather resistant and guarantee protection of the units against the penetration of water and dust.
position limit switches features degree of protection IP65 (water jets) or IP66 (strong high-velocity water, 100 liters/minute) depending on the series and on the type of cable clamp used, and they are all totally protected against the penetration of dust.

All position limit switches are CE marked and they are manufactured in compliance with the Directives and Standards in force.
Furthermore, position limit switches are EAC certified for the Eurasian markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) as proof of the importance given to the quality levels required in different countries.
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