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TER has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing joysticks and joystick stations, providing now two series of joysticks and two series of joystick stations, for auxiliary control, used to command and control industrial machinery. joysticks and joystick stations are used in particular in industrial and construction lifting plants to control gantry cranes, track cranes, jib cranes, wall-mounted jib cranes, tower cranes and winches for construction sites; in the automation industry to command and control systems to manage machines and processes, thus reducing the need for human intervention; in stage technology to control the equipment used to move stage sets, curtains etc.

These machines operate in difficult thermal conditions (low or high operating temperatures) with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions (water, dust, UV rays and salt). They therefore need components with a high degree of protection against weather effects, resistance to extreme temperatures, high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance, accuracy in control. All components must be precise, reliable and safe to ensure good handling control, guarantee maximum operating safety, prevent personal injury and damage to objects, and prevent collisions and impact when a number of machines of the same type or similar are present in the same area.

TER range includes two series of joysticks and two series of joystick stations used to control any kind of industrial machinery. They operate as auxiliary controllers of electrical motors through a power interface, such as a contactor. Designed for heavy duty use by qualified operators, they are aimed specifically for the industrial market.
Size and shape, resulting from a thorough analysis of the ergonomic features of the product, combined with the research of a graphic style suitable for a modern industrial environment, make TER joysticks and joystick stations easy to operate. The equipment has been designed to facilitate maintenance, thus saving on time and costs.
Materials, technical solutions and size and shape of critical components ensure mechanical strength and life, and special attention is paid to design, ergonomics, sensitivity and accuracy of operation.

Juliet joysticks are available with up to 5 speed in each direction, stepped or linear and with cross or 360 movement. The switches are assembled on pull-out or fixed terminal boards, and potentiometers can be fitted instead of the switch boards.
Three different versions of Romeo are available: with free movement, with ?dead man" safety device (with mechanical interlock with or without NO/NC contact), or with electrical interlock. Not all versions are available on any handle of Romeo. The movement of the rod in both directions can be configured by means of the lever guides. Romeo is available with up to 6 speeds, with or without potentiometer or encoder; a stepless version also available, with integrated analogical actuator, and with current, voltage or PWM outputs. Structural components are made of die-cast nickel-plated zama to ensure maximum resistance, while parts subject to wear are made of techno-polymer.
All NC contacts are the positive opening type for safety functions .

The two series of joystick stations Juliet-PK and Romeo-PK are designed to be fitted with the two joysticks Juliet or Romeo.
Each series of joystick stations has specific features allowing to choose the equipment that best suit your specific needs.
The emergency stop mushroom pushbuttons comply with EN 418 regulation and it is equipped with NC contacts of the positive opening type for safety functions .
The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton has a central position on the joystick station for instinctive use in case of danger.
A wide range of actuators is available: pushbuttons, toggle selector switches, key selector switches and pilot lights.
Rubber pushbuttons ensure protection against dust penetration, to prevent them from becoming stuck when the control station is used in particularly harsh conditions.
Discs comprise of a moulded two-colour arrangement offering a combination of clear reading of symbols and text with maximum wear resistance.
joystick stations have cable sleeves for cable entry and screw-type terminals.
The variable length carrying strap can be quickly coupled and it can be either fastened around the waist or hung on the shoulder.
The aluminum protection has been designed to guarantee maximum comfort when the equipment is used for a long time, and it protects the control elements against accidental operation.
Depending on the series, the joysticks and joystick stations are tested to operate at a maximum ambient temperature ranging from -25C to +70C.
All the materials and components used are weather resistant and guarantee protection of the units against the penetration of water and dust.
The joystick stations, depending on the joystick fitted in the enclosure, feature a maximum degree of protection IP65 (water jets) and they are all totally protected against the penetration of dust.

All joysticks and joystick stations are CE marked and they are manufactured in compliance with the Directives and Standards in force.
Furthermore, joysticks and joystick stations are EAC certified for the Eurasian markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) as proof of the importance given to the quality levels required in different countries.
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