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TER has acquired decades of experience in designing and manufacturing footswitches, providing now two series of single or double footswitches, used to control any kind of industrial machine tools. They operate as auxiliary controllers of electrical motors through a power interface, such as a contactor.
In the industrial environment the machines often operate in difficult thermal conditions (low or high operating temperatures) with great thermal shifts between night and day, and they are subject to a variety of weather conditions. They therefore need components protected against weather effects, resistant to extreme temperatures, with high mechanical and electrical durability and resistance, accuracy in control. All components must be precise, reliable and safe to ensure good handling control, guarantee maximum operating safety, prevent personal injury and damage to objects.

Each series of footswitches has specific features allowing to choose the limit switch that best suit your specific needs.
TER range of footswitches includes single or double units, which are fixed on a metal plate and can be supplied with emergency stop mushroom pushbutton. footswitches for pneumatic valves with fixing plates are also available.
footswitches can be equipped with the ?lock-release" device used for keeping the pedal in the on position and the safety device preventing the accidental use of the pedal.
Each footswitch can have 1NO+1NC snap or slow action switches, or 2NO+2NC slow action switches. All NC contacts are of the positive opening type for safety functions.
The footswitches are made of plastic material or die-cast aluminum, and they either have a standard cover or a large cover for safety-shoes.
All footswitches are tested to operate at a maximum ambient temperature ranging from -25C to +70C.
All the materials and components used are weather and shock resistant.
The footswitches are CE marked and they are manufactured in compliance with the Directives and Standards in force.
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