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TER has secured a new commercial partnership with REMdevice, a Company based in Nove (VI), designing and manufacturing safety remote controls also suitable for lifting-machines, such as bridge and tower cranes, as an alternative to the more common cable control systems.
Today our product range becomes even wider with the distribution of the remote controls T3-T5-T7, Brick, Pail and Genesis, small-sized and handy consoles, both in the exclusive handheld pushbutton model and in the belly box one equipped with joysticks. Designed with high quality components and materials and with innovative and reliable electronics, the REMdevice remote controls feature high resistance in the harshest operating conditions and a high level of customization to meet the customer’s requirements.
Thanks to a continuous transmission system, to unique identifying codes as well as to sophisticated digital checking system of the data transmitted, the remote controls T3-T5-T7, Brick, Pail and Genesis represent the best safety technology for the control of industrial machines, ensuring a safe position for the operator. Working on the 870 MHz and 433-434 MHz European harmonized bands, the remote controls REMdevice can be used license-free and with no restrictions in any EU country.