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TER products are the result of capacity for innovation, experience and application of technological expertise. Over the years, the company has stood up to competitors by researching new solutions, new materials and shapes, developing new skills and finding new applications for its products.
The quality standard of TER products stems from a thorough knowledge of the materials used and from a constant attention to technical, construction, performance, quality and ergonomic aspects.
TER has gained extensive expertise in the area of plastic moulding and associated processes, thanks to the experience acquired in the 70s, when a plastic moulding plant was opened.
In the early 90s, TER introduced the use of 3D modelling in the design process and started a progressive integration of electronics in its products.
In the last two years electronics has taken a more and more important role leading to the design of a new and innovative line of electronic products, including a series of limit switches, encoders and transducers.