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TERís aim is to simplify the control of the machines equipped with its devices, designing reliable, ergonomic and intuitive safety products, capable of predicting the demands of the market and becoming the industry benchmark.
At the basis of this company mission is the will to establish a connection between market and company, by giving an increasingly central role to the sales department, seen as a continuous relationship between TER and its customers.
TER exports to 88 countries around the world and manages its customers through a network of agents and 19 distributors. Commercial relations with customers are supported by a well-structured back office and by the wealth of technical and sales documentation available through the companyís website, which also includes a new e-commerce area. Over the last year TER has introduced the new and easier domain, which can be used both for website and e-mail boxes.
Since 2012, orders have been managed by means of configurators, also accessible through the web, created to enable TERís back office staff to choose the product options requested by the customers and to summarize them in an item code preventing the entry of incongruent or infeasible features.