Test Laboratory

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Since 1987, TER has been running an in-house Test Lab, designed to test the operating safety of the products and guarantee conformity with the different regulations that apply to the electromechanical industry.
TERís Test Lab is equipped with all the instruments needed to carry out electrical, mechanical and climate tests on the products:

  • Mechanical life
  • Mechanical properties of the terminals:
    • Sturdiness test
    • Impact damage test
    • Pull test
    • Checking access to conductors
  • IP code - protection degree
  • IK code - protection degree
  • Electrical life
  • Electrical heating
  • Electrical properties
  • Making and breaking capacity under normal and abnormal conditions
  • Short-circuit test
  • Fitness of equipment for storage and/or use in particular climatic conditions:
    • Testing efficiency in cold environment
    • Testing efficiency in dry hot environment
    • Testing efficiency in humid hot environment
    • Testing uniformity of behaviour with temperature changes
    • Testing efficiency in cyclic humid hot environment

Some TER products have also successfully undergone the HALT Test (Highly Accelerated Life Test) in external certified laboratories.
In some cases, when evaluating the technological potential of new products to be introduced on the market, additional tests are carried out on top of the ones required by regulations. Upon customerís request, Test Lab staff are available to carry out more complex, in-depth measurements.